About Us

Let us tell you a little bit about us; for more than 10 years of reliable bus hire and transporting services, Buddies Bus Tours have been driving the competition across Victoria -anywhere, anytime.

Here is a bit more about us:
Our prompt, friendly bus drivers are hand-selected on their experience and customer service. We understand the importance of reliability and proficiency. We promise safety and reliability with every bus service delivered.

We have a number of bus services running at a time, so your requirement will always be met with outstanding service that is never compromised. The joy and feedback we get from our service never ceases to make us smile.

Our bus tours continually exceed expectations and make people happy with our on-time arrival and when we say we’ll be there, we’ll be there. Our Aim Here at Buddies Bus Tours, it is our aim to deliver superior customer service, with every trip we undertake it is our aim to continually exceed expectations, we treat every charter, no matter how small the destination as a chance to prove our service and build our reputation, so our clients return again and again.

We know how exhausting a long bus trip can be, so we make your trip as comfortable for you with prompt transfers, efficient services and professional staff and trips.

So if you would like to know any more about us at Buddies Bus Tours, do not hesitate to give us a call.